What Can Dr. Lisa Oliver Do For You?

Explain the Importance of Choosing the Right Health Care Agent

Advanced Care Planning Workshop

St. Paul's Episcopal Church 

Atlanta, Georgia

December 8, 2018

What Can Dr. Lisa Oliver Do For You?


Enable Your Palliative and Hospice Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) to Function Better as a Team

 BURNOUT. It is not the emotion work of death and dying that burns out palliative and hospice care professionals, but rather the work of supporting the loved ones of the dying and their emotions as well as the administrative requirements of the position.

It is a fact that schools of medicine, nursing, and social work do not adequately prepare their students for a career in palliative and hospice care  (Csikai &  Raymer, 2005; IOM, 2014; Lloyd-Williams, Cobb, Shiels, & Taylor, 2006). Most employees in this field learn caregiving on the job. It is important that palliative and hospice care professionals have both formal training and informal learning opportunities to learn how to provide the best end-of-life care possible for patients and their loved ones. This training and awareness could mean the difference between a good death and a bad death for all involved. Contact Dr. Oliver to find out how she can assist your organization in becoming more effective.

Facilitate Discussion and Educate Groups on Dying, Death, and Bereavement

Have Dr. Oliver present to your church congregation, retirement group, employees, or family members on end-of-life options.  DEATH AND DYING TOUCHES EVERYONE. Being educated about your options makes the inevitable a lot less frightening; planning for it makes it a lot less stressful. Click to link to learn about Dr. Oliver's seminar offerings.  Contact Dr. Oliver to schedule a time to present to your organization.

Assist with Completion of Advanced Directives and Funeral Plans

The task of completing and distributing your advanced directives or funeral plan can be overwhelming. Contact Dr. Oliver to:

  1. Work with you to complete the advanced directive or funeral planning documents.
  2. Print out the documents.
  3. Send the documents to the individuals you want to carry out your wishes.