E7: Five Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Funeral

Lisa and Jer discuss why a person should take the responsibility to plan their own funeral. Plus Lisa found inspiration from a movie for a 6th reason.


E6: What Are Advanced Directives?

Lisa and Jer discuss what are advanced directives, what they aren't and pitfalls in having them. Plus Jer share a story about an uncle who knew EXACTLY when he was gonna die.


E5: The Objects Your Kids Don't Want When You Die

Lisa and Jer discuss an excerpt from Elizabeth Stewart's book, "No Thanks, Mom".  Of course Jer has an idea on how to get the kids to take some of the stuff you have.


E4: Palliative Care vs Hospice Care: What is it?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016) state that only 3 of 10 individuals will die instantly. The remaining 7 will die of a chronic disease that will lead to declining health, eventually leading to death. Lisa and Jer talk about one's options at end of life. 


E3: Funny Funeral Stories

The first 3 letters of the word FUNERAL spell FUN.
Lisa and Jer discuss some humorous occurrences at funerals.


E2: What is a Death Cafe?

Lisa and Jer discuss a trend that is sweeping Europe: Death Cafes.  Find out what to do to participate in one. 

NOTE: A dead body is NOT required.


E1: Who Are Dr. Death and The Humorist?

The podcast Dr, Death andThe Humorist, tries to put a funny spin on a topic that hits all of us: death, dying and bereavement.