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Lisa Caraway Oliver, EdD, GC-C

Lisa Caraway Oliver, EdD, GC-C

A Death, Dying, and Bereavement Educator, and Certified Grief Counselor, Dr. Lisa Caraway Oliver received her Doctor of Education in adult education from the University of Georgia.  Her research in death and dying, emotion work, and informal learning among hospice care professionals resulted in her dissertation, How Do Caregivers Learn? Exploring the Informal Learning of Hospice Care Professionals.  Dr. Oliver earned her certification in grief counseling from the American Academy of Grief Counseling

Dr. Oliver is Principal at Training by Seeds, LLC (TBS).  TBS works with hospice and palliative care organizations to assist their Interdisciplinary Teams (IDTs) to become more cohesive and effective.  Dr. Oliver presented her research findings on hospice care professionals at the 38th annual Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) conference.  


She is also a program presenter on death education in the Fulton County Library System, a blogger for the site DyingandDeathTalk.com, and facilitates, with humorist Jerry Drye, the podcast Dr. Death and the Humorist. Dr. Oliver has recently published a book, Final Wishes: A Workbook for Planning a Funeral, which is available in both print and Kindle versions from Amazon.com.

Dr. Oliver is a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Jeff, their two adult children, two messy dogs, and one vocal cat.

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Why Talk About Death and Dying?

Because we NEED to have these conversations with our family and loved ones.

Not everyone can (nor wants to) be pregnant and give birth; however, if I were to ask 10 people to tell me something about being pregnant or giving birth, I bet  9 out of 10 people could: the mother's stomach gets big, it usually take 9 months to birth a baby, etc.

Conversely, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE, and most of us don't even THINK about death until we or someone we love is in an intensive care unit.  Yet death is going to come sooner than later.

Let's start having these conversations. I am here to help you get them started.


Let's Connect!

  • I can meet with your group to talk about end-of-life issues, advanced directives, funeral planning, etc.
  • We can hold a Death Cafe.  It will be FUN (OK, maybe not "fun," but it will not be as bad or weird as you think).

Contact me:  lisa@drlisaoliver.com  |  404.630.9106

Please allow 48 hours for me to return your email or call.  Thanks.